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How We Started


Over the past year we put our passion into developing premium acoustics devices. Now we can’t wait to share it with the world. We’ll follow up with a new generation of smart speakers and headphones—intelligent hardware embodying our belief: Music, Sport and Smart Sound should all come together.


VEENAX is high-tech company which dedicate to design and develop high quality products (including headphones,speakers, audio system and artificial intelligence products), our core team member comes from Harman, Bose, B&O, Beats and Apple.

Our Passion

We have strong passion on music, sport and innovation, and most of team members are used to be musicians and athletes, we believe that acoustics device is not simply hardware or accessories, but more of main tech gadget with innovation dedicate to music and sport enthusiast.

Our Community

We share the same value with our fans: Fighting for your

freedom and Embracing your lifestyle. We need you to support and guide us on the journey. We’re building a community of audio lovers capable of creating magic together. And VEENAX will belong to you just as much as it does to us.

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